Course Care & Etiquette

To assist in the upkeep of the course and promote proper etiquette, Members and guests are asked to follow the instruction outlined below:

Local Rules

These are listed on the scorecard and Notice Boards and are to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf. Penalty for breach of a Local Rule – two strokes or in matchplay loss of hole.

Pace of Play

The number one problem in golf today, as evidenced by the overwhelming golfer complaint, is SLOW PLAY!  In the interests of avoiding slow play at KGC, it is the duty of all players to keep up with the group in front (not in front of the group behind). The following tips can help you keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.

  • Move quickly between shots and when it is safe to do so, play when ready.
  • Once two players have putted out they should move on to the next tee and continue play.
  • Do not mark scorecards on the green but rather while others are hitting off on the next tee.
  • Do not take excessive practice swings and do not replay putts after completing the hole when other groups are following.
  • Other than in stroke competitions, pick up your ball when you cannot score.
  • Purchase items from the Bush Bar and move on to the next tee in a timely manner.

In the interests of speeding up play, players are encouraged to adopt the ‘ready golf’ principles – no honours on tee or green (the first player ready plays first) and staying ready in the fairway to play when clear ahead.

Remember, by keeping pace you make the game more enjoyable for everyone! 


Before leaving a bunker, all players should carefully rake holes and footprints, leaving the rake in the centre of the bunker, pointing in the direction of play.

  • Always enter the bunker at the lowest point.

  • If required rake other affected areas.

  • Do not pile sand at the edge of the bunker. Push excess sand towards the centre. 

Repair Golf Ball Pitch Marks

  • Always start at the back of the mark and push forward with the pitch repairer.

  • Use repairer around all sides and slowly ease turf toward the centre of the mark. Do not lift the soil upwards.

  • Lightly tap down with the putter.

Repairing Divots

  • Knock in all sides of the edge of the divot with your club.

  • Lightly sand the divot from the bucket you are carrying to complete the repair.

Caring for the Greens

  • Do not traverse the putting green with a bag buggy or place your bag of clubs on the putting green.

  • The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before the players leave the putting green.

  • Players should not damage the putting green by leaning on putters. 

Motorised Golf Carts and Battery Powered Golf Trolleys

  • These vehicles are not to be taken between bunkers and putting surfaces or onto any teeing ground.

  • Motorised golf carts are not to be taken within the coloured perimeter lines marked on fairways in proximity to putting greens.

  • Players using any of the above vehicles are bound by any rules laid down by the Board of Directors pertaining to the use of such vehicles.

Inclement Weather

In the event of lightning in the proximity of the Club, members and guests should immediately suspend play, mark the location of their ball and return to the Clubhouse.