Hole 3

A classic short par 4 from elevated tees to a wide landing zone that runs out at 220 metres off the tee.  A long drive may well spell trouble so this is a hole for the longer hitters to typically put the driver away as an accurate tee shot down the left side of the hole achieves the best angle into the green.  A shot played out to the right isn’t rewarded as trees necking the hole on this side  come into play for the second shot to the green.

A carry of short rough crosses the hole for the second shot but beyond this a long apron of tight zoysia which welcomes bump and run type shots into the modest sized green which is guarded by a steep bank on its left side leading to a small bunker and a long bunker on the right of the green.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 323 m Index 14,32

White Par 4 311 m Index 14,32

Green Par 4 273 m Index 13,31

Red Par 4 280 m Index 13,31