Club Fitting

Club Fitting

The new Killara Golf Studio is equipped with the best technology possible GC Quad and High Speed cameras to pinpoint the best equipment for you or give you peace of mind that your current clubs are working well. The club fitting team are constantly improving their fitting skills and staying up to date with new industry products and technology.

Wedge Fitting

Wedge fitting is a combination of technology and professional advice around a golfer’s technique and strengths around the green. Distance gapping to find the right lofts and looking at a combination of personal preferences to find the right grinds and bounces.

Putter Fitting

Killara has arguably the best greens on the North Shore so a putter fitting is crucial to make sure you have the fewest putts possible. Indoor GC Quad with the putting software will map your stroke and give us your Putting DNA so to speak and then with our professional advice together we will choose the best putter for you.

Ryan Bernard Patrick Fairweather

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