Hole 6

This hole sets up fairly narrow off the championship tee due to the mature trees on the right, whilst these are taken out of play from the members and forward tees. One of the narrower fairways on the course, this hole is about getting the ball down the middle and from there it is all about accuracy and length of the second shot to the green with a hollow on the right that feeds shots towards a deep pot type of bunker. Equally the tight surrounds on the left will easily see a ball missing left then rolling away from the green. A front pin position requires deft touch as the green apron is on a downwards slope to the green requiring shots to land short of the green and roll down the slope to the pin.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 368 m Index 6,26

White Par 4 341 m Index 6,26

Green Par 4 303 m Index 6,24

Red Par 4 332 m Index 6,24