Hole 10

Another dramatic hole this classic and bold Par 5 plays right to left and then left to right uphill to the green which is visible from the tee.  It is a fairly simple drive off the tee to a bunkerless landing area but it is the second shot that sets up success on this hole.  A cluster of bunkers short right and below the green provide a risk and reward uphill shot for those tempted to  go for the green in two shots.  Play short and the bunkers will catch.  Safe play is to the very wide fairway out left and this may well be the wise play for this 3 shot hole.  From here the approach to the green is relatively trouble free with a bunker left and slopes to feed the ball.  The green is modest with flatter areas and then some slopes that will move the ball.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 5 477 m Index 12,25

White Par 5 450 m Index 12,25

Green Par 5 392 m Index 4,22

Red Par 5 402 m Index 4,22