Hole 11

With out of bounds all the way down the right side this narrow hole is all about accuracy off the tee and a precise second shot into the narrow but long green.  The 40m long green combined with a flexibility of length at the tees allows for a great variation of hole length.  A downhill tee shot   to the landing area then presents the player with a second shot to the pin which can be some 30 metres different between a front and a rear pin position.  The green is bunkered along the right side whilst a bunker out front left helps catch shots missed left and protect the 12th tees. A fun hole that rewards good club selection and shot making to the long green which is relatively flat.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 355 m Index 8,29

White Par 4 325 m Index 8,29

Green Par 4 279 m Index 12,30

Red Par 4 291 m Index 12,30