Hole 12

The third of the par fives on Bradfield is an uphill tee shot to the ridge crossing the hole. From the top of the ridge the hole continues to bend right and plays downhill with a deep valley crossing well short of the green which is nestled into the hill above. Better players driving long and left have the green open up and from here it is reachable in 2 shots. Those going for the green in 3 shots are best to favour the left side of the fairway on their second shot and most likely will end up well below the green. From here there is little trouble and the right greenside bunkers are taken out of play.  It is an uphill wedge shot to the green where a left rear pin is well guarded by a small bunker on the left of the green edge.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 5 481 m Index 11,24

White Par 5 458 m Index 11,24

Green Par 5 424 m Index 3,21

Red Par 5 434 m Index 3,21